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in a andoff? we te a look tonght on "washington week." as the president's popularity begins to side, the tests naow down to the the future of health care. >> nobo is talkingabout som governmentakeover in health care. i'm tiredf hearing that. >> the only prolem with havng a ipartisan is cooperation in the senate. >> congress s in such a ruh to pss any reformrather than the right reform. the trouble is you olks are looking for news and thre n't no news. gwen: but ere has beennews, and it all about complicate choices, whether it's out revivinghe econmy -- >> we now haveproblems. we're gog to have to tighte our elts. we can't do it in the midle of a stimulus. we can't do in the midd -- st as the economy is comng out of recession. >> he'taken a bad economy d made it worse. gwn: or tacklin racia reconciliation by photop. whater happened to the summer doldrums? coring itthis week is charlesabington of the assocted press, dan balz of the washington pos and alexis simendinger of "national journal." >> celerang 40 ears of journalistic excelence. live from ournation's capital, this is "wahington week" w
month...health care. tonight, on "washington week." gwen: the questions are coming fast and furious... >> why are we inviting 15 million illegal alie-invaders, who broke federal law, into our health care system? >> why do you continue to support a nazi policy as obama has expressly supported the policy, why are you supporting it?" >> on what planet do you spend most of your time? gwen: but who do you trust to give you the answers...? the president is trying... >> we're going to have to cut through a lot of nonsense out there, a lot of absurd claims that have been made about health insurance reform. gwen: but is it too little too late? >> call your senator. stop the government takeover of health care. gwen: we asked for your questions and hundreds of you responded. tonight's answers come from the reporters who have been covering the story... ceci connolly of "the washington post"... peter baker of "the new york times"... naftali bendavid of "the wall street journal"... and jeanne cummings of politico. >> celebrating 40 years of journalistic excellence, live from our nation's capital,
=ÑÑ buenas tardes a todos, los nacionales de washington siguen sumando victorias mientras que los orioles todo lo contrario, tenemos el resumen de las grandes ligas. clasificacion a la siguiente ronda de la liga de campeones de la concacaf. d.c. united esta en la capital salvadoreÑa. Ñ=los tuzos del pachuca han viajado a guatemala con una buena ventaja de 3-0 y se mediran esta noche a los tigrese jumay en jalapa, pero que tendremos por television esta noche. bien a las 8 de la noche puerto rico irlander recibe a toronto fc con ventaja de 1-0, mientras que jalapa perdiendo 0-3 recibe a pachua a las 10 de la noche, ambos partidos los tendremos en vivo por galavision. de la jornada de hoy clafican 3 equipos a la zona de grupos. mientras que real madrid se prepara para enfrentar a dc united el fin de semana, el barcelona sigue su gira por los estados unidos en su primer compromiso derroto 2-1 al galalxy y ahora ya estan en seattle para enfrentar al saunder de la mls, tenemos reacciones. hasta aqui los deportes esta noche entre otras cosas tendremos el resumen del futbol local.. bu
a little bit surprised that with teddy kennedy, not to say he is a visitor in washington, but obviously a lot of people here don't have any particular ties, any hometown ties to ted kennedy. are you surprised at the outpouring of respect and affection for him here? >> no. i think all americans love a good story. the kennedys are an epic story. you heard from some people that they're there to witness history, even the ones who do not make the connection personally to ted or did i think that's part of it. i think this is a chapter, a really significant chapter what happens next the kennedys is debatable, but this is a significant event, and i think it captivates americans. he was certainly -- the things he was involved in, the achievements in his life, were far beyond massachusetts. it doesn't surprise me. >> julie: i have to ask you janice, as an on the sunday boston globe, it was my first job out of college, as the paper been going crazy the last few days? >> crazy, i don't. there is a word actually to express it. but there is so much going on so much pride in the state right now and so
atencion medica, el consulado general de bolivia en washington inicio a partir de hoy una estacion de consejeria de salud preventiva para sus connacionales... jose angel aguirre nos tiene mas deta.. ááá con cancer del cuello uterinsegun esta experta se desea combatir la alta tasa de muertes por falta de prevencion importante de que los bolivianos tanto en bolivia como en los estados unidos este informados sobre las vias de prevencion del cancer ...el cancer se puede prevenir a este nuevo esfuerzo de prevencion e informacion en el cuidado de la salud ... se unen artistas bolivianos como gisella santa cruz y zulma yugar quienes junto con la nueva titular de la oficina de consejeria hablaraon de la conciencia de enfermedades como el cancer... nuestro proposito es ayudar a romper las barreras que hay en cuanto idioma en cuanto a conocimiento de los diferentes programas de salud que tenemos en el area y que no son usados por la comunidad ... las autoridades consulares de bolivia esperan que este programa p
away on good morning, washington, a heat wave across the metro region and we'll see when some relief is in store. >> and the debate in the aisles of congress. >> plus, did you get a chance to see it? well d.c.'s marion barry makes his mark on hbo. good morning, washington begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute -- www.ncicap.org -- >> and good morning, everybody. welcome to good morning, washington, on a tuesday, i'm alison starling. >> and i'm pamela brown in for doug mckelway, and we begin this early tuesday with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes, first here's meteorologist brian van de graaff. how's it looking today? [no audio] >> all right. and oui looking pretty good out here this morning. the roads are dry around the city. no early morning accidents to romp. might find a stray puddle around here from those who got a shower last night. from fredericksburg headed up the beltway no zonets report. back to you guys. >> thank you, jim. well hot temperatures are making life a little tougher for some people. whether they are working outside. >> or tryin
>> just moments away on "good morning washington" -- get it while it lasts. the cash for clunkers program shuts down on monday, but the actual deadline may be sooner than you think. >> more controversy over a mandatory vaccine for d.c.'s sect graders. we'll see why parents are opting their daughters out of an h.p.v. prevention program. >> and wrapping up the week in healthcare, we'll look back at some of t major milestones and see what's next for the overhaul plan. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good friday morning to you, washington. i'm doug mckelway. >> and i'm greta kreuz in forealison this morning. we begin with weather and traffic every 10 minutes. we'll check in with lisa baden in just a moment, but we start with meteorologist brian van de graaff. good morning, brian. happy friday. >> happy friday, indeed. this morning, i'll show you a few sprinkles off to the west. some storms today could be strong to severe. 81 downtown. 81 in southern maryland. we are muggy and even warmer this morning. you
captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> good morning, washington. 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us on this thursday. we start with your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. the time of year when we start to things -- we start to see things shift will been. >> we had y 92rdeses.ay ly haariety of te variety of mpteeratures. 64 in harrisonburg. sunshine this morning. and it afternoon storms. temperatures in the upper 80's. we will talk more about the upcoming weekend. >> traffic is good in maryland. nothing on 95, to 95. there has been a crash on 395 northbound, as you see. it is after glebe road wrote a book before the exit for washington boulevard. the right lane is closed. >> thank you. >>> we begin with more on the death of senator ted kennedy. he lost his battle with brain cancer tuesday night. he was the last of the kennedy brothers. >> and his body will be on display today in boston before a funeral and burial on saturday. we will have a live report. we
and congress in a standoff? we take a look tonight on "washington week." as the president's popularity begins to slide, the tests narrow down to the the future of health care. >> nobody is talking about some government takeover in health care. i'm tired of hearing that. >> the only problem with having a bipartisan is cooperation in the senate. >> congress is in such a rush to pass any reform rather than the right reform. >> the trouble is you folks are looking for news and there ain't no news. gwen: but there has been news, and it's all about complicated choices, whether it's about reviving the economy -- >> we now have problems. we're going to have to tighten our belts. we can't do it in the middle of a stimulus. we can't do it in the middle -- just as the economy is coming out of a recession. >> he's taken a bad economy and made it worse. gwen: or tackling racial reconciliation by photo-op. whatever happened to the summer doldrums? covering it this week is charles babington of the associated press, dan balz of "the washington post" and alexis simendinger of "national journal." >> celebratin
critical warning signs. "the washington post" is reporting the families want former counseling director robert miller to admit he failed to properly monitor and trt sung huh cho. records released tuesday show three therapists did not view cho as a serious danger. but miller was reportedly told of cho's threatening behavior bacss in 2005. b o killed 32 people and himself in 2007. >> arlington county's federal lawsuit against proposed hot lanes on i-95 and i-395 is drawing mixed reaction. the lawsuit asks the court to order an environmental review to determine whether the hot lanes would increase air pollution and traffic congestion. the a air club is praising the lawsuit, but lone anderson of a.a.a. tells "the washington post" the lawsuit is "disappointing, damaging, and hypocritical." >> a proposal is in the works now to dole out $3,000 to some d.c. workers if they relocate from the suburbs into the city. d.c.'s lead agency on the environment has proposed a so-called live near your work program to the u.s. energy department. the program would a $90,000 pilot for about 30 district worke
is "washington wk" with gwen ifl, produced in association with "national joual". corporate funding r "washington ek" is proded by -- >> we ow why we're here. to standbehind all o serve. >> to deliver th technogies vital to freedo to help carry he to those in need. >> around the glob, the peopl of boeing ae working together for what matters most. that's why wee here. >> it creates half the electricityhat fuels our dreams. we have more of itthan any pla on earth. and we're workng on cleaner ays to use coal every day. more information at ma.org the >> major funding is also provided by the annberg foundationthe corporati for public bradcasting, and by contributio to your pbs station om viewers like yo thank you. once gain, liv from washington, sittg in for gwen ifill this week, jhn dikerson of late maazine and cs news. john: good evenin president barack obama turned 48 this week. he didt get big present he'd been asking for doctor pasge of health ca reform in the use and senate -- but he got a few pretty gooalternatives. sotomayor, his pick for the supreme court, s confirmed wi the support of nine r
. it has been in the low and mid-60s all morning long. cloudiness in washington. south and east, we have had passing showers in southern maryland, the northern neck of virginia as well as the eastern shore. there is an area of rain just about to come up towards the western part of the northwestern neck. this one probably passed south of fredericksburg. and then after that, things should clear out there, but further to the west and north, no precipitation. the sun broke out across northern montgomery county and 15 miles west of washington. the sun broke out and temperatures are in the upper 60s. under the clouds, still in the mid-60s. 66 in washington now, and eastern shore in the upper 60s. they had a few passing showers there. it has been a cool morning out of the mountains. it was down in the 40s in many locations. and over the last six hours, we have seen the showers moving southeast and northwest. and we have a chance of a few showers south and east of washington for the afternoon. temperatures will be cooler there. where the sun breaks out, it should make it in the mid-70s by mid-af
questions are now being raised about the safety of the metro trains. "the washington post" reports that metro's destroyed avoidance system may have malfunctioned on march 2 and two trains nearly collided at the potomac avenue station. the operator useless would the emergency brake to avoid hitting another train. a failure of that system is also suspected of contributing to the june 22 crash that killed nine people. these glitches have riders concerned. >> yeah, one episode already, so they need to let us know so we have a righto choose to get on the train or not. >> this is part of a daily life going to and from work, and we should be able to make those decisions on how to get there. >> metro says the two not are not related. the ntsb says investigators are looking into the june 22 crash and learned about the march incident only last week. and a little known local channel called the tristate oversight committee notified investigators about the march incident. that panel has primary oversight beverage safety, but "the washington post" reports that panel has no direct regulatory auth
>>> explosive. a disturbing find inside a postal service mailbox in northeast washington where residents were evacuated from their homes and forced into the streets. >> eagles wings. he was convicted and served time on dogfighting charges. now nfl football star michael vick has a new place to call home. it's friday, august 14th, 2009. let's take a look outside. beautiful morning. it's 73 degrees out there. very pleasant. we ended with a pretty nice night last night, too. let's talk to tom kierein about what we can expect for the rest of this friday. tom? >> it's a soothing summer mornin and if you are planning to head to the beach for the great foatr her that as well as around the pools for today. r ergreathsuean w oermm the y.wa p cipitatind ouar the w no 72ou. i iw 72 insh ongtwa. near 70 n iherb n tubyeaur sbsn and the rural areas es wr at nd our west and meg.fo path.y fog.gy atth ofoen aetl foen eastern shore. we have dew points in the upper 60s. that's quite humid. temperatures eastern shore near 70. out in the mountains, a cool morning there, only near 60 degrees. off t
>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this friday. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. great to have you joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> there have been some big problems on 395. it appears to have been cleared up. let's start with brian. >> some moisture will be lifting into the area. we erndmshustor. rdwavierst bvieaerand band usp u into pennsylvania. ea hvy heavy inhe terth low toins. s.it will feel pretty muggy because of those showers. let's talk to lisa baden. >> watch this. i am exhaling. the crash between duke street and seminary road, watch, you do not see it anymore. they have opened all lanes. more on the traffic, so stick around. back to alison and doug. >>> the body of senator ted kennedy will lie in proposed for one more day. >> more than 20,000 people have paid a final tribute to a man they have never met but will never forget. on saturday, his body will be laid to rest alongside his brothers. >> crews are working hard to make sure everything is ready. pame
, nats, tiger woods going for career win numer 70. and a soccer giant comes to washington, d.c.. but we begin with the number one show in town, the washington redskins, and for very good reason because this time of year, everybody thinks their team will go to the super bowl. well, two teams will. but will the redskins be one of them? to quote the musical stylings of asia, only time will tell. jim zorn and jason campbe, sharing a smile at practice. he beginning the third straight season, big expectations for him this season. how about the rookie? well, brian there, number 98, expected to put the heat on opposing quarterbacks. while the coach doesn't want to talk bit, he degrees the fans have a great reason to be excited. >> they have a good reason to be excited. there is a lot of work to do. it is not this -- most excellent performance -- right from the start. we're going to grow and we're going to get better as we go along. >> random thought time, but if there was one guy on the redskins roster i wouldn't want to bother, this would probably be big al haynesworth, 6'6", but we'll have mo
they definitely heard it and felt it. we're live in northeast washington. >>> outrage from the estranged wife of marion barry. tonight cora masters-perry spoke with us after learning she may be getting evicted from the tennis center that she founded. we are live outside that facility. >> people in the neighborhood of this center are stunned, including cora masters-barry, who said the notice came without warning or read it -- or reason. >> i am hartke. >> -- i am hurt. >> she was told she has 30 days to get out the center that she created. >> this is the reason i get up in the morning. when the division came to me when this was just rocky soil with hypodermic needles. >> she turned and on used field into a center where kids like this learn how to play tennis. >> once these kids are out of school, the only place they know to go is the tennis center. you have tutors that will help you with your homework. >> barry has brought in some -- in celebrities and raised millions of dollars. >> we will look into this. i did not know much about this at all. >> adrian fenty said it must be something tatnal
in washington, a young girl is remembering senator kennedy for his volunteering and never seeking publicity for it. she was parta ro onpnotf fi group called "eboverydy wins dc" where sheedkekennedy would spenh hour rat mentoring and reading with the students. -- his lunc hour mentoring and reading with the students. >> he is a nice guy. he listens. s.eboe ms.ok >> several of his former students remember how seriously he took that program and how he generously gave the books and cards over the years. >> the national art gallery has brought a special portrait of its senator kennedy and put it into the gallery. it was painted by andy warhol for -- to raise money for his presidential campaign. senator kennedy's body will lie in repose today and tomorrow at the jfk library in boston. his funeral will tak place in boston on saturday and he will be laid to rest sunday evening at arlington national cemetery. >> tracking tropical storm danny. >> we havwa fe showers just west of m tro tet area that are upowg in on the doppler. the onehe o tf tm is now etf o o k.icer they will be popping up into the
is associate editor of "the washington post." gloria borger is senior political analyst for cnn and joe kleine is a columnist for "time" magazine. the excitement of the news business runs in the american bloodstream. movies celebrated newspapers and on tv, we love watching this. >> mr. white -- >> who gave you permission to barge in like a bull? >> there's a dirigible with a guy hanging over a rope. >> you get down there, lois, and assign a tote graffer. two of them -- a photographer. two of them. chris: we're down to 1,400 ilies. this year alone five including denver's rocky mountain news and the seattle post intelligencer have printed their own obituaries. major cities like san francisco and boston may soon face a future without a single daily broad sheet. "the san francisco chronicle" and "the boston globe" are in big trouble. they're institutions really, as much part of those santos as rice-a-roni. bob, we're getting down to it. in the seven years this program has been on every week we've lost a fifth of circulation of sunday papers right now. >> it's sad. but the question is, the newspape
huge hall he leaves behind. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. we will have complete coverage of the death of senator kennedy. >> we begin with your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. let's check in with brian van de graaff and check out what is happening. >> we will be seeing a transition period will be on the warm side. we will look for a cooling trend with grayer skies. 64 in stafford. let's take a look at the forecast. we will call for temperatures in the upper mid 80's. lisa baden, good morning. >> welcome back. we do not need any problems on the highway. that is exactly what we have, no problems on the highway. overnight construction will be moved out of the way by the time you get there. this is traffic on 270. this is an example of the white volume. >> thank you. >>> we begin with more on the death of senator ted kennedy. he lost his battle with brain cancer late tuesday night. he was the las in the generation of
of washington, d.c., and my father went to the garage to get the old flexible flyer and asked me if i wanted to go sledding down the steep driveway. and i was trying to get used to my new artificial leg, and the hill was covered with ice and snow, and it wasn't easy for me to walk. and the hill was -- was very slick, and as i struggled to walk, i -- i slipped and i fell on the ice, and i -- i started to cry. and i said, i can't do this. i -- i said, i'll never be able to climb up that hill. and he lifted me up in his strong, gentle arms and said something i will never forget. he said, i know you can do it. there is nothing that you can't do. we're going to climb that hill together, even if it takes us all day. sure enough, he held me around my waist and we slowly made it to the top. and, you know, at age 12, losing your leg pretty much seems like the end of the world. but as i climbed on to his back and we flew down the hill that day, i knew he was right. i knew i was going to be okay. you see, my father taught me that even our most profound losses are survivable, and that is -- it is what w
-bad news economy. tonight, on "washington week." thousands of mourners paid respects today to a man who lived the past and looked to the future. >> this november, the torch will be passed again to a new generation of americans. >> ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and millions of lives. gwen: ted kennedy's passing was not unexpected but it leaves a void. on domestic issues like health care. >> my hope is that this will maybe cause people to take a breath, step back and start talking with each other again in more civil tones about what needs to be done. gwen: and on bipartisanship. >> he was never small. and in the process of his doing, he made everybody he worked with bigger. gwen: as massachusetts and the nation mourns, what comes next? in other news, attorney general eric holder goes toe-to-toe with c.i.a. director lee on panetta over detainee interrogations. >> threatening a prisoner with electric drill isn't torture, i'm not sure what is. gwen: how far will the investigation go? and as fed chairman ben bernanke wins re-appointment, stocks gain but deficit projections ha
washington. >> we'll have to plan a trip soon. >> we should. >> stay with us for "good morning america." we'll take to you los angeles and a different focus on the health care debate. hundreds who are waiting in line to get it for free. the full story on "gma." >> have a great morning. >> just moments away, tempers are flaring. we'll see in the health care debate is breaking down. plus, police need your help in looking for a person of interest in the death of a woman. >> and there are more problems for metro. we're going to check out some more scrutiny to agency's employees. good morning, washington begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute -- www.ncicap.org -- >> and good morning, washington, and thank you, so much for joining us i'm alison starling. >> and pamela brown. doug mckelway has the morning off. those stories and more in a minute but first we begin with your traffic and weather. here's brian with the cooler forecast we hope, brian? >> yes. not quite as toasty, 97 on monday, 90's yesterday but the front is working its way through. outside right
are dead in a pittsburgh gym. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> good morning, washington. 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we start with brian van de graaff just as the weather begins to heat up. >> we have some things happening. isis it will not be songoore fkr a as a cold fronto e area. ont i area. a be l a otautifubeshot from frederik this morning. it will be a mostly cloudy day. upper 60's 4 brandywine. limited sunshine today. warm and humid. temperature-wise, upper 80's. a warming trend for the weekend. >> our big warming trend is in the form of volume of traffic. on 95, you'll find a heavier volume as you leave dale city and head io springfield. eastbound 66 after 28 there is a wreck. it is moving on to the left shoulder. nothing out of southern maryland. we are good in southeast washington. this is landover near fedex field. it is quiet. >> thank you. >>> we have a developing story. the two american
and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. i am doug mckelway. >> and i am greta kreuz. alison has the morning off. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we have talked through the week that we would see the drier air moving in. this morning, some 50's on the map. los 60's in rockville. with low humidity, it feels so good out there. your forecast today, lots of sunshine, mostly sunny. a few passing clouds. it feels great. a light breeze. we do have a major heat wave possibly arriving this weekend. let's say good morning to lisa baden. >> we have one minor crash on the georgetown pike near old dominion drive. we are fabulous around the beltway. i will take you to a couple of pictures so you can get a feel of the paste. the pavement is dry. headlights on 95 virginia out of springfield. our next camera takes us to 270 at democracy boulevard. now to the news desk. >> thank you. >>> we are a few hours away from a report to be released on last week's fire in northwest. >> neighbors are worried because of low water pressure made a bad
any kind of seismic shift in how washington has an impact across the country once we get out of this recession where there has been a lot of federal intervention? >> absolutely. with the absence of kennedy, you'll see kennedy was, perhaps, the last great leader in the senate who came o of a period in which big government and liberalism was pretty much unquestion in certain orders of the democratic party. even now, liberals on the senate floor grew up in the time of ronald reagan, '70s and '80s, if you were a progressive democrat and got elected, you better explain yourself very well to voters who are a lot more skeptical. >> andrea mitchell not too far away from you there as well. andrea, we can't, i think, underestimate the importancef the endorsement of senator kennedy and caroline kennedy for senator obama, a man in ascendency when he was running a year ago. when the two most prominent figures in the kennedy came out for him and said he is the best hope to extend the vision of my brother, john kennedy and robert kennedy, it did have an enormous impact, didn't it, on the de
garvin in for joe krebs. here's a live look outside washington, d.c. >> it looks beautiful out there. we'll talk to tom to see if we'll have post card weather for july. >> we have a chance for afternoon thundershowers and it is humid this morning. e h aad e aofad sh inngn oup showing radar. no precipitation around the region. 74 in washington. the eastern shore themi 7 d-0. ts he mountains.umid, but you ,id but you can he tud c the clouds on the incr with thelo blips of i southern sthern west virgini waou snerit west virgini er thundowowers. no thundheow e showers could be movin o tr bmeeaartoy metro area by early rnteafoon. then maybe some passing thundershowers by tintotehis e. evs g.ouin about a 60% chance. otheisose,60 m ay m cloudy day with highsea rching the upper 80s. the sunrise would be at 6:13 and the sunset at 8:15. we could have continuing pasng showers through the evening. then by this time tomorrow morning, perhaps lingering showers south and east of washington as we start off thursday. details on that coming up with the thursday forecast at 5:121, 5:11. >>> for details
years . to prove a point, the parting journalists in the washington hilton ballroom could be seen fawning over government potentates, in some cases the very sources who had fed all those fictional sightings as saddam hussein as weapons of mass destruction. >> i strongly feel that the cold speech at that banquet will be seminal. there are several things about it. he did criticize the washington press, and i feel right before the reasons i said. the general reaction of the press was that he had bonds. the times did not even mention that he had spoken. "the washington post" said it was a lead balloon. then ended up on youtube. the country went nuts. i think people were surprised back then that anyone could get such a fast reaction from you too. a lot of people did not understand why it was funny. next year they got rich little because they were so afraid the difference in reaction in washington and the rest of the country was different. >> i have noticed that you stick a needle in the washington press corps at those meetings. >> they did stop going to or three years ago. it was a pol
by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live and hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison staing. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> here is brian van de graaff with the latest on bill. don't mess with bill. >> we went to category four just moments ago. that means a major hurricane. i do not think it will go to a category five. it has bermuda in its sights. it will probably stay off the coast. a few sprinkles south and east of town, over near ocean city. temperatures will go to near 90's. mix of clouds and sunshine with some later de storms. hot and near 90 degrees. >> overnight construction is being cleared out of the way. no accidents to report as far as interstate or beltway travel. 95 north to get into springfield. this is the springfield traffic. headlights heading north on 95. newschopper 7 in just a little while. >> thank you. >>> . a recent supreme court case has forced a special general assembly session. >> lawmakers may face a new distraction -- new budget cuts.
bridge or at the woodrow wilson bridge. we will give you all the all clear. baltimore washington parkway, a wreck southbound. nothing to report on the beltway at the american legion bridge. traffic slowing on the outer loop down to georgia avenue. accident and georgia avenue moved out of the way. now to breaking news. >>> we have this story of three big storms that have made landfall. >> claudette is dumping big rain. one of the other two is the first hurricane. matt brock has more. >> that is the breaking news. bildt was upgraded to a full- fledged hurricane -- bill was upgraded to a full-fledged hurricane. claudette did not make it up to hurricane status. slow to start, but the storm system is under way. there was little time to prepare as claudette world in. >> i would doing what i have to do. >> trying to secure a sailboat with heavy winds, and this is before the worst of it. >> i keep getting blown off. >> claudette could deliver as much as 10 inches of rain. >> you have to prepare yourself for the worse. >> ana and bill are in the atlantic. this time of year, you never know, even i
now temperature 81 in washington. we're in the upper 70s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax and prince george's county. farther to our west, in the mid 70s. mid an upper 70s around the bay. current dew points are in the 60s. not too humid. just slightly humid on the eastern shore. temperatures in the upper 70s now. it is more humid there as well as southeastern virginia and the outer banks. lower humidity out in the mountains where they're still in the comfortable 60s. now we do have a stalled front just to our east. that's what's been triggering the showers we had overnight. those are moving on up toward new england. there are some showers in southeastern virginia right now. for the rest of the afternoon, partly cloudy and rather humid. just a small chance of an isolated thundershower. highs reaching the mid-80s. winds out of the northeast around 5 to 10 keeping it cooler than we certainly had it earlier in the week. i'm show you forecast for friday, a look at the weekend next week as well as the tropics and what's going on there. that will be coming up in just a couple of minutes. ba
graphics if we can at the intersection of washington boulevard and second road. we also know nearby part of columbia pike are closed because police are on the scene. they are involved in a police chase. they are looking for a stolen car. we are getting word from officials saying please avoid the area. once again, this is second and washington and parts of columbia pike. if that is the road you travel, some of -- some parts of the road will be closed. we will keep you updated throughout the morning. the northbound trip from fredericksburg to the beltway, factor in extra time because we have slick roads we are dealing with. 395 northbound fine past edsall and gofer to new york avenue through the district. lanes are wide open. as i mentioned they are slick. andrea, over to you. >>> the stalking charge against marion barry was dropped just days after his arrest last month but the revelation that he gave a contract to an exgirlfriend in the case may have far-reaching implications. armando trull is at the wilson building with more on what the "washington post" uncovered about marion barry's s
our country and generation. >> reporter: part of woodstock's i'm t.j. winick in washington. >> great vans and certainly a great audience. >> just moments away -- an explosion in a northeast neighborhood. we've got the latest from the scene. plus calming the fears over the healthcare overhaul. president obama braves another crowd to sell his plan. >> and the redskins take on the ravens, but it's big news from an n.f.c. rival that's hogging all the headlines this morning. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> and good morning, washington. happy friday, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm julie parker. doug mckelway has the morning off. we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we'll check in with jim russ in just a moment, but first, brian's got a check on your friday forecast. brian? >> good morning, julie. good morning, alison. it's going to be much like yesterday with conditions outside mainly just partly sunny skies, a little sunshine, a little cloud cov
to marine barracks, washington. it's the oldest active military post in the u.s. marine corps. >> marine barracks washington was founded on march 31st, 1801 when president thomas jefferson rode on horseback with lieutenant colonel william ward borroughs, our second commandant of the marine corps. they rode around the southeast d.c. looking for a home for marine barracks, washington. >> ever since then, marines have been stationed here. >> there are seven companies that make up marine barracks, washington. altogether, we're stationed here with about 1,200 marine sailors and civilians. >> reporter: one of the oldest buildings in washington is the commandant's home. the commandant is the highest ranking marine. it's easy to see why the post was declared an historic landmark. everywhere you look, you're surrounded by the proud tradition of the marine corps. >> what's interesting about the flag you see flown here this evening is that it has 15 stars and 15 stripes. >> and when the barracks was founded in 1801, they were actually at that time 15 states in the union, hence the 15 stars and the
washington. >> craig, police are still searching for the gunman and also looking for a motive in the shooting but believe it was somehow connected to a go-go held earlier this evening. on hayes street in northeast washington, a shooting victim wheeled from a house and taken to the hospital. his clothing inspectednd taken in as evidence. police sources say he was one of at least five victims wounded in a shooting at the bus shelter area of the minnesota avenue metro station in northeast this evening. it's unknown how the victim ended up at the house after being shot. but police say the victims range in age from 16 years old to their early 20s. none of the injuries is considered to be life-threatening. police say it appears at least one gunman on foot opened fire on a huge crowd of people at the shelter and say many of the people are believed to have attended a go-go event paradise day and were shot after leaving the party. police worked the scene for hours interviewing victims and witnesses and marked gunshot cangs and other evidence and wheeled away this bike believed to be somehow connected
washington es la mejor ciudad del pais donde se puede lograr un trabajo...fernando pizarro nos dice cuales son las otras ciudades.. la venta de viviendas duragú%úg el mes de julio ascendio inesperadamente, dando seg e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g e g esto se debe en gran parte a los incentivos federales de hasta ocho mil dolares para compradores por primera vez... en otras noticias..en e % washington hay un programa que benefie e e a los jovenes e e e dandoles la oportunidad de aprender una ocupacion y les brinda ayuda...maria rosa lucchini nos dice de que se trata este e e e rama..e e e
under way. >> back to business. president obama returns to washington after his vacation on the vineyard. the hot button issues he's expect to tackle on the political agenda. >> clear and present danger. out of control flames out west and two firefighters are dead. this morning the race against time to keep the blaze from destroying nearby homes. >>> good morning and welcome to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm barbara harrison. it is monday, august 31st, 2009. last day of this month. for some, the last day of summer. i don't know if tom agrees with that. let's take a look outside. beautiful morning out there. 65 eedeons.gr wow. really feels like fall. >> yeah, it certainly does. in fact, it's feeling kind of like winter out in thede mo s, down into the 40s in ysleutldard anwe some of the in west now. elkins only 52, hagerstown down to 59. in washington, 56. ereaorn st te shheinpper u0ea s a e'e oittbifs. there's quite a bit ooussdiclour olssouneoudiar nd. t ng arutsiasr o tso our south east.east. there are some sprinkles in the neck. we may see some passing showers sond ahof e
. >> reporter: 5:30 a.m. in washington and larrycfadder is headed to surgery. someone, he doesn't know who, will soon get one of his kidneys. >> we are going to take good care of you. once again you are a hero, my man. this is beautiful. reporter: also deeply personal. larry's wife elizabeth is in kidney failure and on dialysis. >> i do not want to live like this. i want to go, i want to die. that's the way i say it to myself. >> reporter: the trouble, larry's blood isn't compatible for a kidney transplant. but maybe he could donate to someone else. >> i live in the house with her. i hear her every night crying and talking to god. there is nothing i can do. >> reporter: linda russell is here to give a kidney though no one she knows needs one. >> you are helping to save many lives. >> reporter: she has flown in from st. louis simply to donate. >> to think that people, thousands of people die every year in need of a kidney. that's why. >> reporter: people like daisha pinkard whose father gave her a kidney 14 years ago but now that kidney is failing. >> it is very draining. it's no kind of li
fuegoooartificiales, dijeronoooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooe las ooocalles mead y 49 al noreste de washington.. oooinvestoooores senalan que los fragmentos alcanzaron hasta 60 pies de distancia... las viviendas en los alrededores fueron evacuadas... ooomaryland se prepara para ministrar la vacuna contra la influenza a h1n1 a todos los residentes tptppsppsppsppppe salud estatal senalo que se preparan para distribuirla incluso de manera gratuita.. algunas dependencias cobraran hasta 20-dolares, pero senalan que si el paciente no puede pagarlos que no seran rechazados... el estado espera obtener un cargamento abundante de vacunas para mediados de octubre... el ex-jefe de la policia de alexandria debera servir cinco dias en la carcel a partir de esta noche, p fdfvdd una feria de salud en el distrito de columbia pone de manifiesto la necesidad de reformar los cuidados de salud en todo el pais...claudia uceda amplia... tñétñtttñ÷ññññéñnñlñnñnñnñtz÷tt dijo el presidente se refiere a mentiras como la creacion de un comite de la muerte que deci
washington, maria rosa lucchini univision" el fatal zzzzzzzbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbz causas estarian contribuyendo para que disminuya el numero de pasajeros de trenes y autobuses...claudia uceda tiene el informe... primero fue el choque fatal, luego vinieron las fotos y los videos comprometedores, ahora el metro enfrenta otro problema: la disminucion del numero sus pasajeros en el mes de julio.... "yo siempre que me monto en el metro digo: que dios me ampare! que no pase nada.. .jajaja" zzzen el mes de junio el numero de pasajeros utilizando el tren subterraneo y los autobuses aumento 1.7 %, pero en el mes de julio disminuyo 2.3 % en comparacion al ano pasado... se desconoce si el fatal accidente del 22 de junio que le quito la vida a 9 personas e hirio a mas de 70, a motivado a que muchos dejen de usar este transporte publico... mientras muchos analizan el porque de las cifras, el metro se defiende.... "hay factores, economia, hay factores de gasolina que ahora las personas sienten que pueden manejar mas otra vez, acuerdense que agost
esta paciencia se esta conviertiendo en frustacion en washington dc jose angel aguirre univision la policia del distrito÷÷]de columbia esta investigando el descubrimiento del cuerpo de un hombre en el interior de una pizeria en el noreste de la capital..el macabro hallazgo fue hecho en la piseria localizada en la cuadra 2300 de la calle 4 y las cercanias de la avenida rohede island ... los bomberos respondieron originalmente a la escena luego de un reporte de incendio... las autoridades informaron que en el lugar habia evidencia de un pequeno incedio, pero que el hombre aparentemente no fallecio como consecuencia de las llamas... los autoridades estan investigando el incidente como homicidio los atracos y robos a plena luz del dia han aumentado en washington.. dicha actividad  delictiva perpetrada !!!!!!!a aumentado en los ultimos 30 dias senala la policia, por lo que ha aumentado la vigilancia en los !!! permanecer alerta de lo que sucede a sus alrededores y reportarlo si es necesario... el fatal accidente del metro el pasad
se desconoce cuantos de ellos son hispanos... en washington claudia uceda, univision un limpiador de anas rse encuen milagro! en washington, luego que esta manana el andamio en el que trabajaba se desplomo y lo dejo colgado de su arnes de seguridad a una altura de casi diez pisos... ocurrio poco antes de las ocho de la manana en el 1140 de la avenida conecticutt en el noroeste... dos hombres que estafaban a ancianos priendo aaaa en farifax la $ú$ú$ú$ú$ú$ú$ú$ú$ sector $ú$ú$úmpresarial se unen para detectar los documentos fraudulentos utiilizados para $ú comprar y $ú$ú$úumir $ú$ú$ú$ú$úú alcoholicas..maria rosa lucchini nos dice en que consiste e$ú$ú$úcampaÑa... $ú$ú$ú$ú$ú$ú a solo semanas que estudiantes regresen a las universidades..y el consumo de bebidas alcoholicas entre menores de edad es una preocupacion....en el condado de fairfax en virginia, se inicia una campaÑa para detectar a los jovenes que utilizan identificaciones falsas para comprar alcohol... "el otoño se acerca, los
washington suspendio la emision de visas para no inmigrantes de honduras... la crisis presidencial sucitada en honduras ha colocado al gobierno de barack obama en una situacion dificil en momentos en que colabora ssscon los lideres regionales para restablecer a zelaya en el poder, a lo cual se opone el gobierno de facto hondureno, y los militares que lo deocaron y lo desterraron del pais.. comenzaron la excequias del senador democrata ted kennedy con nuestra sociedad..fernando pizarro nos amplia... . dos jovenes estudiantes de la ua tech fueron encontrados brutalmente asesinados en una zona boscosa cerca a blacksburg en el condado de montgomery, en virginia... un hombre que caminaba con su perro por la zona, realizo el horrendo hallazgo.. el joven de 19 años fue encontrado adentro de un vehiculo mientras que la joven de 18, fue encontrada asesinada afuera.. las autoridades buscan al o los atacantes...el hecho esta siendo invetigado como un homicidio... grupos proinmigrantes convocan a la comunidad para que salgan a marchar el proximo 10 de octubre, dia de la raza, para exigir al gobierno
. >> and extreme home makeover. >> a reality star on the wrong turns up dead. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. it is back-to-school time for many kids around the region. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> things are starting out with a bang in southern maryland. >> there was a warning tt haju t expired. the mnants ofh tish storm are the eastern shore. we have other areas of light ininea nr eala plata and waldorf other parts ar southern maryland. despite some early morning rain showers, temperatures are in mid 60's, a very pleasant. fort washington, 70. partly cloudy and we will see some sunshine today. highs in the mid 80s and comfortable. we will talk more about the extended forecast coming up. >> the commute is starting to heat up. we have a heavier volum of traffic on 95 and 66. no problems through rosslyn on or near the pentagon. there was a crash on route 4 near the pentagon and it. ploms cnttaiou no complaints out of
morning, washington. >>> welcome back. 6:12 on a wednesday morning. we do have a few clouds. we will look for some sunshine. it will be muggy this morngni . temperatures thisnior m, we ardy,lr 77 downtown. rnhe maryndrn,, 80ergreth isnd tyot oheat and humidity. the sun will intensify that. low mid 90's for highs today. a couple-couple lateday thunderstorms. they will be sporadic -- a couple of-ofday thunderstorms. some dry air is coming down the pike. let's talk to lisa and find out how we get to work without little fanfare. >> 66, 95, and 395 is without fanfare. we just had a crash near delicate city. nothing on 270 southbound. we will give you the all clear on route 4, route 5, 210. this is 14th street on the right side of your screen where you see the fire truck, southbound. one to the left getting by. constitution avenue. you can see the ambulance. a fellow traveling south, he hits two pedestrians in the crosswalk. equipment was very quick to respond. they are slowing down to look at the activity. it appears constitution is blocked in the westbound direction. >> we do have a crew on t
of mass destruction. >> the colbert speech will be seminal. he criticized the washington press and i feel completely for the things that he said. the people in the room did not get it. you may recall that the general reaction of the press was that he had bombed. the "the new york times" said -- did not mention that he had spoken initially. the "washington post" said that it was a lead balloon. it ended up on youtube and the country went nuts. it showed me a dramatic this location of washington from the rest of the country. it got a fast reaction. a lot of people in that room did not understand why it was funny. they got rich little the next year. there were so afraid. i think it was an important moment. the difference in the reaction in washington and the rest of the country is much of what he set himself. >> tell me if i'm wrong. you stuck the needle in the washington press corps at those dinners. the "the new york times" does not even go to them anymore. >> it was a policy made by the news side. but i do not go to them. i cannot remember what prompted that. it is a different part of the
to a dedicated public servant. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm alison starling. >> we'll have much more on all of those stories in a few minutes. first we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first a check on the forecast. >> outside this morning, it actually doesn't feel quite as intense. it is a little less muggy this morning but not quite refreshing just yet. we're still in august. keep that in mind. in virginia, the winds are fairly light. a couple of thunderstorms. not a lot of them but the ones that come together, there could be pretty heavy downpours. temperatures in the mid 80's. averaging 87. a touch cooler than we typically have this time of year. >> good morning. we are looking at the southbound side of 270 here from montgomery county. the change of route 109. we will take you to the beltway and show you how things are doing at the american legion bridge. finally we end up in springfield and traffic is running freely, no difficulty g
-- local teen in critical condition. we'll tell you what happened and where. >> good morning, washington. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning at 6:00. i'm alison starling. i'm julie parker in for doug mckelway. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we'll check in with jim in just a moment but we start with meteorologist brian van de graaff. >> up above here, a little bit of cloud cover outside this morning. temperatures are not quite as sticky feeling. you'll notice that as soon as you head out the door. take a look at what it loolike upper ta few egew deg afternoo 's80d . thunderstorms but those that do pop up, could put down some heavy downpours. keep that in mind. >> traveling along 270 southbound we have very slow traffic trying to get from near route 85 to an accident scene. construction, that accident is off the road to the right but it is causing big delays. that is our bigs delay. this is utility work on middle brook road. wires fell down on the road a short while ago. crews are on the scene trying to clean it up. at the moment it is closed between 270 and
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